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Once Upon a Time Timeline

I was wandering around looking for notes on the live facebook chat with the Once Upon a Time creators and I heard rumor of a timeline that they have.  I thought to myself "What a handy thing that would be." 
So I made one here.

TimelineCollapse )TimelineCollapse )

If I have missed anything, or if I put something in the wrong spot please let me know and I will try to fix it. Thank you!

peace and cheese

Crochet My Little Pony!

So a friend of mine clued me in to the existence of this My Little Pony crochet pattern.

being a crochet-er, and being slightly crazy, i decided to go ahead and make me some ponies!
so far I have one pony, whose name is now Zoom, and the head of a second pony.
my pony making will continue, and i will continue to update on my knitting/crocheting schnanigans as they happen.

woot woot!
Peace and cheese!

Wedding invites

holy flippin cheesecake, i finally got the dang invites in the mail!  
some people havent received theirs yet, but i am totally looking at a pile here for my dungeons and dragons group.

so now the last thing i need to figure out is 

ug. theres always one more thing.
at least the card box will be super cool, and the guests who know anything about Terry Pratchett will hopefully be quite happy:)
and hey, Four Cakes!!!
and food!!!
and board games!!!
and stuff...

im tired...

peace and cheese,

i hate manipulating pictures...

so i realized that i hate manipulating pictures in an attempt to produce a cool looking end product.  i drew some stuff, and i attempted to make stuff with it, but it didnt work.

just posting it here....

swan queen


 and i drew one more, but stupid livejournal wont let me load it... it was the spinning wheel....
yawn, bed time.

tshirt design for once upon a time

okay so im stashing this here because it wont let me send it as a message.

also some links:
of spinning wheels  
here  and   here

and swans
and here

ahh!  hopefully this is of some use!


Fic: Fair Trade

so i finally wrote a Gold/Emma fic, although it may not update quickly and its not that long.
in fact, go read Time Around instead...

Title:  Fair Trade
Rating:  this chapter is pretty G rated but the rating may go up, im not sure yet
Pairings:  Emma/Gold
Spoilers:  none yet this chapter
Notes/Summary:  Emma decides to reach out to one of Storybrooke's enigmatic citizens.

WishCollapse )

feel free to leave a comment!  thank you!

putting this here so i dont forget:)

 Ginnifer Goodwin c/o Spanky Taylor 3727 W. Magnolia Blvd. #300 Burbank, CA 91505

fun webcomic

so the other day i was wandering online as i am apt to do, and i stumbled across a rather funny webcomic called 
which after reading, i decided that i like it.
it is the adventures of a different group of people in the same world as pokemon, but the storyline is quite different::)
i thought i would share that....

i hate bridesmaid dress drama!!!!

so i posted earlier about the drama of finding a bridesmaid dress for my weddin...
i ended up choosing this one HERE because the first one i chose was no longer available on the eshakti website.  


yeah, thats right.  its back.  but i know that some of my bridesmaids have already ordered the other dress and i dont want to change it again.